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Community Building in Britain 2014

After a quiet period, there are still individuals and groups keeping the spirit of Community Building alive. The formal structure of the Core Group of CBiB closed in October 2012, but a good many of us still believe that CB, as discribed by Scott Peck, or something very like it, can give immensely valuable opportunities and insights into human nature, well worth preserving and developing.
The mailing list from CBiB, containing around 180 names of people who had attended events or had close contact, has been used to inform people of developmemts. Early in 2013, on Norman's personal initiative, that list was used to inform people that a weekend open meeting would be held at Douai in February 2013. The people who met then thought it good to meet at least once more, and meetings continued on that informal basis, two or three times per year. The only decisions made at that time were, to agree worth meeting again, and the invitees asked that future attendees had taken part in at least one CB event. The latter decision was made so as to avoid time and energy being spent on introducing CB concepts and experince, turning the meeting into a CB workshop. A few of the people who came were former Core Group members, others were people who had had no direct involvment for 10 years or more. The informal group has coalesced, with a number of regulars, but others come and go. We now feel enough established, with members from many parts of the UK, from South West to Scotland, h to call ourselves a national group, although we would like more contact with CB people in the North of England.

News is sent out to the mailing list (emails blind copied to preserve identities) about two or three times per year. If you wish to publicise events in the UK or abroad, please inform Norman Spink normanspink@hotmail.com .

This site has had a long period without updates, we will strive to keep it relevant from now onwards - October 2015